Your wedding is a coming together of all the important parts of your life. It's a celebration of love, family, style, fun, traditions, and friends. Jacqueline Events will take what you and your fiancé treasure most and design experiences that you will remember for a lifetime.


our clients feel comfortable at every step

Weddings can be overwhelming. Hundreds of decisions must be made. Large sums of money are being spent. Family dynamics emerge in strange ways. Your sense of style and grace as a host are on display for everyone to judge. It's easy to get caught feeling like you can't make the right move on the simplest choice.

The most important decision you make in planning your wedding is selecting the planner you're going to have guide you through it all.

We tell you what to expect before it happens, prepare recommendations that fit your precise needs, and take care of the hundreds of little details you'll never even know about so you'll be able to enjoy your big day - and all the days leading up to it.

our clients make smart choices

Brides and grooms tend to fall into one of two types. The first is the one who knows their sense of style and the exact way in which they want to showcase it. The second has a general vision and simply needs a muse to help articulate it. We work with both types of clients to create remarkable events.

For the bride and groom who already have an idea of what they want, we'll collaborate with you as creative partners. We'll work to cultivate your ideas and then refine them into moments and vignettes that impress your guests.

If you're still searching for the kind of event you want to host, we'll guide you through the process and will help to produce a wedding that expresses your care and attention to loved ones.  



our clients value extraordinary service

The relationship you have with your wedding planner is the foundation for an enjoyable planning process. You want someone who hears your voice, respects your traditions, and can articulate your style. You want a partner who will take the lead when needed. You want to a planner who knows what to expect, and prepares you for it in ways that work for you.

Our service is driven by your needs, not ours, and we'll tailor our work together so you feel heard and see follow-through that matters. We always seek to view your wedding through your eyes first, so you can trust we'll make decisions that match what you would do yourself.

We hope to make planning your wedding as much fun as attending it.