Social Events

Life is full of moments to celebrate.  There's no better way to highlight an accomplishment or milestone than to bring family and friends together to share in the moment with you.


our clients appreciate the care put into their milestones

Jacqueline Events believes that life's biggest moments deserve to be celebrated. Birthdays that end in "-0,"  anniversaries that are described with precious metals and gems, and debutante balls are opportunities to share joy with loved ones. Most people are so busy with daily living, they don't have time to celebrate - let alone plan a celebration.   We handle the arrangements so our clients can stay focused on daily living. 


Birthdays and anniversaries

Every birthday is special, and some are more so than others. We take the stress out of planning and coordinating the day so you can enjoy the experience - and the party itself. 

Our milestone parties focus on the individual and how they're connected to those who attend the event. We want everyone to share in their life's story, to cherish what they've experienced, and get quality time with those they love.


Debutante balls

Parents' biggest hope is to raise a healthy, happy child who's prepared for the adult world when they leave the nest. Their second biggest hope is to have as much time with them as possible while they are growing up.

For that reason, debutante balls are bitter sweet.  We love creating parties that celebrate the success of your child and honor the time you have together before they become an adult.