Hope and Caleb, a Holiday Affair

Brook Hollow Golf Club, Dallas, TExas

With their mutual love of the holiday season, Hope and Caleb thought it would be the perfect time of year to gather their family and friends to witness the exchange of their wedding vows.  Though they wanted to incorporate elements of the season, they wanted to be certain that the decor read classic versus Christmas.

We started with a classic color palette of white, gold and green.  From there, we looked at the existing design elements that were available to us in the reception space.  Brook Hollow offered several beautifully flocked white Christmas trees that we used as a backdrop for the cake presentation.  We collaborated with the bakery to insure that the sizing of the cake was appropriate, given the scale of the trees.  We wanted the cake to be grand enough to stand on its own.  We wanted the cake to be the focal point - a real statement!

As we were getting everything ready for the big day, I realized that the cake needed a little something extra to make it exceptionally grand.  So, I quickly designed a waterfall of flowers, which the florist cascaded down the side of the cake and on to the tabletop.  It was stunning!  

Given that they had over 400 guests attend the festivities, we opted to incorporate large tufted furniture groupings and use scattered cocktail seating versus traditional dining tables.  This allowed for an incredible flow of energy throughout the space and offered a jovial atmosphere that encouraged dancing the night away on the monogrammed dance floor.

Hope and Caleb wanted to bring some of their favorite holiday elements in to the celebration.  As a special surprise, we had the florist install mistletoe to the floral archway by the cake.  Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed pausing for a kiss under the mistletoe.  They also danced the night away with tinseled reindeer ears and flashing Christmas bulb garlands.  

The couple offered small bundles of classic Christmas cookies tied with plaid ribbon as a special parting treat.  It was a sweet farewell and a lovely way to herald in the holiday season.

  • Photography: John Cain Photography
  • Venue: Brook Hollow Golf Club
  • Floral: Garden Gate
  • Cake: Annie's Culinary Creations