Jacqueline Hill

I'm Jacqueline, the principal planner for Jacqueline Events. Thank you for spending time learning about how we work with clients. I hope we've provided what you need as you search for an ideal partner to plan your event.

I thought it might be helpful for you to know a little about me, because I work so closely with our clients. If you asked my closest professional friends to describe me, they'd say I'm the person who: 

  • listens more than talks in a conversation
  • shows up to the meeting before everyone else
  • calms people during stressful moments
  • preps for Plan B, C & D
  • fixes a wobbly table right away when eating at a restaurant
  • takes 10 pages of notes for every 30-minute meeting
  • starts with the end in mind, and works backwards 
  • leads my team by being the first person to do the hardest task

I started Jacqueline Events eight years ago, because I wanted to make the planning and design process enjoyable for clients. I'll guide you through the biggest set of decisions you've ever had to make, and I'll use my experience to make you feel comfortable along the way. I'll use my creativity and perceptiveness to get what you really want, and then I'll translate those wants into the event you've always dreamed of hosting. Clients and professionals tell me these are some of the reasons why I was named one of 25 Young Event Pros to Watch in 2017 by Special Events.

I would be honored to work for you on your event.