Corporate Events

Jacqueline Events works with corporate planners to create events with impact. We know each party has a purpose. We begin planning your event with the end in mind, and then work backwards to design components that will make it stand out.



Sometimes a party is more than just a company-hosted happy hour. Executives retire, the company hits its top-line stretch goal, clients need to feel appreciated for their unwavering commitment to your brand. These milestones should stand out  and inspire an enviable company culture. 


Holiday Parties

Creating memorable experiences for your employees is a big part of representing the brand from the inside out. Annual celebrations must wow! Décor pales compared to the experiences you provide your team, and we know how to put the magic into the moments you share together.



Launching a brand successfully is crucial to short- and long-term growth for any company.  It involves lots of moving pieces, including a party. We help to create lifelong customers who support and promote your business by designing experiences that truly connect them with your brand. 

clients appreciate our corporate planning background

Jacqueline started her event planning career in the corporate world. She's spent nearly four years and 150 events in your shoes, and approaches every corporate event from that perspective.